The guys at Circlens come back with a shared EP between Møhr and Danus Kart. The two mysterious italian producers release two pieces of music each, giving life to an interesting and various sound that is certainly a clear consequence of the earliest ideas released on Circlens.

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Circlens comes to its third release, Inside The Atom EP, produced by M?hr, a quite young Italian project with an EP released on Curle Recordings behind him. The EP consists of 3 original tracks and a remix by My Flower, who have first released on the label. The first track, "Inside the Atom", is a match of percussions, strong bassline and a bit of acid, although the serious touch of the producer is definitely not missing. Radial is a solemn journey. A floating melody and a religious pad join a very solid structure made of heavy percussions. Finally "Lope", certainly the most dance floor friendly out of the three. A redundant melody and an obscure pad meet a very groovy drum. Well known My Flower, eventually, takes Radial to a rave level, giving new consistency to the percussions and an even more intriguing theme.

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Following a first strong release, Circlens now announces his second one,featuring Danus Kart. His debut EP "Dreamed Place" comes with three original tracks and a remix by M?hr, who had already made his appearance on the label collaborating with My Flower. The first track, "Dreamed Place" sounds either soft and aggressive at the same time, with his ethereal synths joining the techno drums during the whole duration of it. "Il demonio" puts on the table a serious groove, notes flows between pauses and surprises. "Foliage" is emotion at first listening. Sounds like a dry leaves carpet fallen off. The strongest part is the breakdown, a very high energy moment. Finally, M?hr's remix, a very techno interpretation of the original track, closes the EP, making it playable at any time of the set.

Featured on Mind Against's BBC Radio Essential Mix

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After a warm welcome to their first EP on Stem Records, the secretive italian Duo My Flower returns with nothing less than a 8 tracks LP on the new, promising Label Circlens. The title seems to call for a bewitching mysterious ceremony: "Waiting for a Black Sun" delivers a mesmerizing, deep and dark techno.

Slightly plaintive synths underlined with laid back but chosen hi hats warn us gently in the opening: it's going to be serious. No excessive haste or harshness is used though. Already announced by the anxious "Crows", the darker turn hits in with "Dediaevol". My Flower finally lets us sink with no hope or way to escape into a much darker kingdom through "Murders", nailing the tale. The Duo's long time friend, M?hr - collaborates on "Iamaliel", whilst the beautiful (poisonous) "Anemone" seems to mirror back "Ayurveda" (another highlight of the album) in the tracklist progression. This Black Sun shines bright.

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